every treatment will begin with a glass of Lime & Lemongrass Ice Tea and Foot Bath

TRADITIONAL massage ~ 60minutes
Influenced by the healing rituals of Balinese culture, our Traditional massage combines stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques. The aim of this therapy is to relieve tension and improve blood circulation

AROMATHERAPY massage ~ 60minutes
Combination of long stroke lomi-lomi and Balinese massage.

HEALING HOT STONE massage ~ 60minutes
The healing power of touch comes together with the energy of the earth, in this relaxing muscle melting massage. Specially selected volcanic stones are used to heal the body with theirminuteseral content, which creates a state of complete relaxation

SEASHELL massage ~ 60minutes
Sea shells are comprised of organically composedminuteseral substances. When used in massage, they will help to relax and soothe muscle tension. The sea shell’s natural healing property’s combined with marine extract and using a Hawaiian lomi-lomi technique, will give you a luxurious island massage experience.

CRYSTAL HEALING HOT STONE body therapy ~ 60minutes | facial ~ 75minutes
East Asian bodywork and western scientific empirical data combine using these crystal stones to bring out a simple yet powerful healing treatment. The crystals are chosen for their different special properties to help enhance our bodywork and to facilitate energy movement between body,minutesd and spirit..

TRADITIONAL facial ~ 60minutes
Custom-made Asian recipes with fresh ingredients to cleanse, refine, restore and re-hydrate your skin. Complemented with attention to the upper chest, neck, shoulder, hand and feet.

HONEY TREATMENT massage (per couple) ~ 60minutes
This sensual and exciting treatment is for couples to enjoy via a long stroke massage technique, combined with warm honey oil. Honey is a traditional and tropical supplement, which will help you sleep at the night while also stabilizing your blood pressure, sugar levels, relieve pain and calm your nerves. A wonderful romantic and blissful experience!

STEAMED RICE facial ~ 60minutes
Special mixture’s from Spice Island’s of Indonesia blend with other Asian remedies that moistens the skin to leave your skin younger, lighter and smoother. Complemented with attention to upper chest, neck - shoulder, hand and feet.

PEARL INFUSED facial ~ 60minutes
A special pearl and marine extract combined with sea shell therapy. The smooth shape and texture of the shells improve circulation and wellbeing. The treatment also includes attention to the head, shoulders, hands and feet.

FOOT treatment ~ 60minutes
Begins with a foot bath ritual and foot scrub to exfoliate, followed by an acupressure point massage to reflex point’s on the feet. This soothing treatment release’s blocked area’s throughout the body whilst refreshing and improving blood circulation

ANMA – TRADITIONAL Japanese bodywork ~ 75minutes
Traditional Japanese bodywork/ massage is more than a massage for stress relief. It helps to balance and detoxify
the body. During the massage, muscle toxicity is pushed out into the blood stream, but still remains in the body. Drinking water after the treatment will flush out the toxins to leave the body and blood stream healthy and clean.

COFFEE RITUAL for men ~ 90minutes
AFTER SUN SOOTHING ritual with Aloe Vera ~ 90minutes


our Executive Chef will personalize 2(two) course of healthy meals included in the package accordingly with the nature of the treatment. Every treatment will begin with a glass of Lime & Lemongrass Ice Tea and Foot Bath
(duration of treatment does not include meal)

TRADITIONAL BALINESE treatment ~ 130minutes
THE BALÉ REJUVENATION ritual ~ 150minutes
SEA SHELL treatment ~ 150minutes
TROPICAL ROMANTIC ritual, Single ~ 120min | Couple ~ 120min
ZEN RITUAL for body &minutesd ~ 120minutes
BALINESE RICE BODY treatment ~ 120minutes
EXOTIC FRUITS BODY treatment ~ 130minutes
HONEYMOON INDULGENCE package Couple ~ 180minutes