3 Reasons to Explore Nusa Dua

Photo by flyboard-bali.com

Bali has a place for everyone, and since the 1970s, Nusa Dua has become a dedicated area for some of the world’s best resorts — including The Balé Nusa Dua. Located on the east-side of Bali’s southern peninsula, hoteliers have worked together to create Nusa Dua Bali the perfect neighborhood, with perfectly manicured grass and crystal clear blue water.

Nusa Dua is not just a pretty face, you can find all sorts of activities that will suit your taste.

Here are 3 reasons to explore Nusa Dua.

1. Clear blue sea for the perfect snorkeling experience

The water is so clear, so clean and aquamarine; it seems like the seawater has been imported from Tenerife. But the sea surrounding the Nusa Dua headlands and beach are all-natural Balinese with a touch of rare tropical life that dance underneath the surface.

You get to take a glimpse at the tropical life with color palettes that you never imagine to be possible — the striped bannerfish, anthias with their ghostly fins, teardrop butterflyfish, and the brilliantly mesmerizing branched corals that sway in the gentle current.

We are happy to assist you with booking a snorkeling experience in Bali. Once you’re in the water and see the shallow reefs below, you will be hooked on the panorama.

2. Flyboarding to infinity

One of the rarest water sports is available in Nusa Dua Bali. If you have never tried flyboarding, you need to include it in your Nusa Dua travel plan. You will be equipped with a special board that is connected to a long high-pressure hose. Two jets of water shoot out like rocket propellants at two ends of the board, giving you the elusive ability to defy gravity and fly up to seven meters.

In the air, imagine yourself to be like Ironman and fly with elegance, or perform tricks like the Green Goblin. Become a superhero or a supervillain — you are in total control. If you are new to flyboarding, it may take some time to learn to balance. However, flyboarding is one of those exhilarating activities that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

3. The spa session at The Balé Nusa Dua

If you have spent the last few days exploring the sea and flying through the air, you may want to take a short break and start the new day with a spa. Luckily, at The Balé Nusa Dua, you don’t need to leave your 480 square-meter villa accommodation exclusive to The Balé luxury resort.

You can call our talented therapists to visit your private piece of paradise. Our therapist will give you the finest Balinese massage, to alleviate all the soreness, leaving you feeling refreshed like never before.

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