The Bale, a Luxury Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua

Staying in a luxury villa in Nusa Dua is always a good idea. At The Balé Nusa Dua resort, you will enjoy a range of delightful experiences that are tailored to your taste. Are you looking for a personal and private space with your partner? A relaxing and exquisite spa treatment in your villa or perhaps a unique dining experience? The Balé Nusa Dua is the one resort to have it all.

Our flagship villa offering: The Deluxe Single Pavilion

Our Deluxe Single Pavilion accommodates two people, and the largest unit available is the 480 square meters resort villa, giving you total privacy unlike any hotel room that you will find in Bali. It is twice as large as the single pavilion, and you can choose from a range of sizes that suits your needs, starting at 350 square meters.

What will you expect from a private space for two? From the open-plan living room and kitchen, you can see a lush garden surrounded by tropical plant life that blocks any sound from the outside, in addition to providing a refreshing view. A gorgeous swimming pool glistens underneath the gentle sunshine, waiting for you to float on a floating bed in absolute tranquility.

In the shade, you can lounge on the sofa and feel the calm breeze cooling your skin. At night, starting at 18:00, complementary daily cocktails are waiting for you and your partner at the Fluid Lounge or Tapa Bistro. You can also enjoy a daily choice of lunch or dinner, and a 60-minute spa experience at any given day.

The Best Spa that a Beach Resort & Hotel in Nusa Dua can offer

Developed centuries ago, and modernized with the latest science, our Traditional Massage takes its roots from traditional Balinese massage, using the same stretching, kneading and acupressure techniques used by Balinese farmers’ spouses. The Traditional Massage is also modernized with a slight modification, inspired by the Swedish massage technique that uses softer touches. This ensures that all tensions are relieved, which will also improve blood flow.

Our resort spa house also offers special facial treatments that use Asian herbal recipes to cleanse, rejuvenate and rehydrate facial skin, not only to improve the quality of the skin, but also the overall health and durability. Let us not forget to mention the fantastic foot treatments, that are complete with a foot bath ritual, scrubbing and exfoliation, acupressure point massage, and reflex points massage. Special attention is given to the neck, shoulders, hands, feets, and upper chest.

The Balé Nusa Dua waits for you

We look forward to making use of our hands to work and serve, creating an atmosphere of peace and luxury. Our work means a lot to our identity, and we hope that we can welcome you into our doors very soon.