Private Pool Villa Bali – Nusa Dua Villas

There are a couple of reasons why this time you’re not planning to stay in a hotel. Hotel rooms don’t seem all that romantic, as you are limited to just 30 square meters, including the bathroom. You just don’t feel that you own the space outside your single door to the ‘bedroom’.

Adding to the dilemma of staying in a hotel room, is the Covid-19 pandemic . It would be really nice to have everything you need for a staycation inside a safe and healthy bubble.

Fortunately, that is achievable if you stay at a private pool villa in Nusa Dua, Bali.

The Balé Nusa Dua: Your staycation haven

The Balé Nusa Dua can be described as a resort complete with 12 villas. Each villa is at least 240 square meters, with our flagship villas being 480 square meters.

This is because we believe in providing more than just a place to sleep. A perfect accommodation at such a lovely location in the southern Balinese peninsula should include everything you need - a place to lounge indoors and outdoors, a lush garden to provide fresh air and rest, and a fully equipped kitchen with outdoor BBQ grill set as a treat for foodie couples.

In addition, each villa is equipped with a private pool, starting from a generous 8 x 4 meters in size, giving you and your special one plenty of space to exercise, lounge, or even have a floating dinner with candles!

We call the private pool villas, ‘pavilions’

If you visit The Balé Nusa Dua resort, you may find that we refer to the villas as pavilions. Pavilions can mean different things, depending on who you’re talking to. If you are an avid gardener, you may imagine a pavilion as something similar to an open shed. If you are an architect, a pavilion can be anything from an open shelter to a large meeting hall.

A villa wouldn’t be enough to describe our accommodation. The houses in which you’ll spend a lot of time in private with your special one are much larger than average daily villa rentals in Bali, and we have equipped the interior with everything you need to have a romantic vacation without ever leaving the house.

A pavilion by our definition is indeed a safe haven, with large interior spaces surrounded by gardens and a private swimming pool -- a luxury bubble that is far apart from other people in the resort. Lounging on the sunbed in your private garden makes you forget about the outside world for a while.

Enjoy a Nusa Dua villa with a private pool

Seeking a romantic experience in a private space? Book a stay at The Bale Nusa Dua.