Bali Honeymoon Advice: Choosing the Perfect Villa

Bali is best known as a romantic getaway island, and when it comes to choosing a honeymoon villa in Bali, you only need to choose one out of several thousand villas. What does a perfect honeymoon villa offer? Here are our tips on choosing your Bali honeymoon villa.

1. Spacious and private

Privacy is crucial in a honeymoon villa. Free of disturbance, you can simply be your authentic self, and pay full attention to your partner. However, privacy is often overlooked in many villas in Bali due to space constraints. Some villas have to be built in seclusion in order to provide a private atmosphere.

In the Balé Nusa Dua, our villas near Nusa Dua beach are built in an ever popular central location. We’ve also left so much room between villas, each with their own garden and pool. None of our villas are less than 240 square meters in size, making them a private patch to yourself and your loving partner.

2. Comfortable and simply designed

Our Bali honeymoon villas have sleek and modern yet simplistic designs. When it comes to design, it’s up to your taste to decide in which style of villa you’d want to spend time with your partner. However, the bottom line has always been choosing comfort with careful design, regardless of architectural style.

We outsource only the best fabric and local materials to create a memorable sensory experience during your stay. It’s not enough for our villas to only look good. They must offer a particular tactile experience, smell and even sound. This multisensory experience won’t fail to make you remember your honeymoon experience in years to come.

3. Complementary experiences

Let’s not forget that a honeymoon experience can be uplifted by choosing a villa with complementary experiences and services.

In The Balé Nusa Dua, you have several options – dinner under the stars in Nusa Dua beach, private dinner in the garden with delightful cuisine brought directly to your villa, a quiet evening at TAPA bistro with the best man or woman of your dreams, and romantic fine dining at our restaurant. You can find them all in one place for a relaxing and effortless honeymoon experience.

Visit The Balé Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is located in the southeastern tip of the beautiful Bali island, no further than 30 minutes from the international airport. The well-kept Nusa Dua beach and pristine eastern coastline offer some of Bali’s best views of the sunrise and coral garden. Looking for a romantic villa in Bali? Nusa Dua is your best bet.