Day spa in Bali Nusa Dua

Sweet tropical aromatics fill the air, and you gently lie on the soft white mat, face down. Your aching back is so eager for that initial touch and warm pressure, to relieve the strains after exploring Nusa Dua the entire day. Out of all the Nusa Dua spa places, The Balé Nusa Dua is a great discovery, a place that can truly help you wind down and enter a state of bliss.

The spa culture

The Spa culture is inseparable from The Balé Nusa Dua. A welcome foot or shoulder massage initiates your journey towards ultimate relaxation. Our experienced therapists employ techniques developed over centuries by our Balinese ancestors – the art of which we simply inherit, and that we proudly offer to you as our guest.

Apart from Balinese massage, you will also encounter a variety of body and facial treatments, using only natural products and traditional wisdom. In this Nusa Dua spa treatment heaven, we believe that true beauty is the result of treatments that work with the natural state of the skin, instead of forcing it to look a certain way. In effect, we achieve both outer and inner beauty.

Crystal Healing hot stone therapy

Our signature treatments include Crystal Healing hot stone therapy. The crystals of choice produce a healthy form of radiation that facilitates and unblocks the flow of energy between the mind and body. On the physical side, by placing a warm stone on your skin, your muscles can relax and release tension, and your inner circulation can also become unconstrained. An effective hot stone therapy depends on the location of the treatment along various points of the body as well as the therapists’ expertise.

Anma Japanese bodywork massage

To complete our Nusa Dua spa experience, we also recently added Anma traditional Japanese bodywork massage to complement our existing Balinese treatments. We’ve seen the wonders it has done for our guests, dissipating both their physical and mental stresses. This is a sign that their body has achieved balance and has detoxified more effectively.

Enjoy our in-house healthy cuisine

After the treatment, experience a light and healthy meal at our spa’s very own little restaurant. With knowledge of organic cooking, coupled with the understanding of the body’s unique needs for healing, our chef has created a menu that complements the relaxing effects of your spa treatments.

The Balé has a fantastic spa in Nusa Dua. We cannot wait to greet you with our best smile, service, and spa treatments. For a better holiday experience, click on the special offers on the main menu.